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Wedding Packages

Bonjour, hello!

We are D Side Productions - a French-American studio specializing in wedding, commercial film & event production. 


Together, my hubby Franck Pedretti (the French director) & myself (San Diego native) event/wedding planner & stylist bring you energetic, GORGEOUS, docu-style, dynamic films and unforgettable, impeccably styled and executed events. 


Everything you need to know about who we are, how we work & the MAGIC we’ll bring to your entire wedding process is found here within our amazing client reviews !


We’ve been doing this a WHILE. Wanna hear our TOP TIPS for engaged couples?


#1 You will save about $1500- $1800 with a one-stop-shop for PHOTO + VIDEO. Find a bundle or combo like our SMART PACKAGE. You get what you pay for BUT visual vendors like us value working with top-tier vetted professionals, this means you save BIG!


#2 Fall in love with ALL of your vendors - not only their work - but also who they are. Trust your gut on their vibe because that vibe will carry allll the way to your wedding day. Good vibes ONLY!


#3 Package price should NEVER be a problem - you have to stay on budget, but there are many ways to slice and dice, mix & match our packages. Pop on a Facetime with us and let’s talk about exactly what you envision!

Our packages are specifically created to help YOU - let’s find one that matches your particular timeline. Don’t pay for what you don’t need! Fill out our contact form to get started and have access to all our pricing.

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Image by Edward Cisneros


This is a unique offer and experience you'll find only with the D Side. You'll look and feel your best for your engagement shoot.


  • 2 min SAVE THE DATE film to tell your story to your friends

  • 100 retouched high resolution digital images

  • Online viewing gallery

Image by Pedro de Sousa


Do you want an intimate wedding experience - just the two of you & a couple friends? Our elopement package is as simple and beautiful as they come.

  • 1 Coordinator to make everything be at ease...

  • 1 Minister / officiant

  • 30 minutes custom ceremony based on your story

  • Bouquet for the bride

  • Rose petals 

  • 1 Photographer

  • 1 hour of photography

  • 50 retouched high resolution digital images

  • Online viewing gallery​

  • You can add a Videographer a la carte as well...

You can add a Videographer "a la carte" as well...

Image by Jeremy Wong Weddings


This package is absolutely all you need for a small to mid-sized wedding for a later in the day timeline.​

  • 1 Videographer 

  • 1 Camera angle

  • 4 hours on site

  • 3-5 minute highlight video (depending on timeline) 1 to 3 months after your wedding

  • Your video will be sent digitally on our online platform.

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Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 11.46.13 AM
Image by Bob Oh


​Our most popular package for just VIDEO! Everything and anything most of our couples need to have the most epic wedding film and a gift that keeps on giving.

  • 2 Videographers 

  • 2 Camera angles

  • Drone shots

  • Steady cam for dynamic shot (gimbal/osmo)

  • 6 hours on site

  • 1 Trailer of 1 min sent a few days after your wedding 

  • 5 - 7 minute highlight video

  • Over 30 min of extra footage from rough cut (full ceremony + speeches)

  • Your video will be sent digitally on our online platform.

Image by Eric Alves


For more time on site or a bit more footage and a longer more cinematic highlight clip, this package covers it all!

  • 2 Videographers

  • 3 Camera angles

  • Drone shots

  • Steady cam for dynamic shot (gimbal/osmo)

  • 8 hours on site

  • 1 Trailer of 1 min will be sent a few days after your wedding

  • 7-10 minute highlight video

  • Over 50 min of extra footage from rough cut (full ceremony + speeches + grand entrance + first dance + mother/father dances + cake cutting)

  • Your video will be sent digitally on our online platform.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


​Everything from our GOLD package with unlimited time on site. You won't have to worry about your timeline.

  • It's literally the ENGAGEMENT PACKAGE combined with GOLD PACKAGE

  • Save date/engagement video scheduled before your wedding.
    Perfect for wedding website, social media or to share with family & friends as an introduction and ice-breaker before wedding.

  • Your video + photos will be sent digitally on our online platform.


Image by Peter Hansen


You don't want to spend too much on pictures and want to keep everything digital? We have THE solution...

    2 Videographers  + 6 hrs of coverage + 1 min trailer post wedding + 5 - 7 min highlight video + 30 min raw footage

  • Your video will be sent digitally on our online platform

  • 350-450 still shots from our HD cameras

  • Online viewing gallery

Image by Charisse Kenion


This package allows for some BIG saving by bundling photo album + video - super hassle-free.

  • Everything from our GOLD: 2 Videographers + 8hrs of coverage + 1 min trailer post wedding 7-10 min highlight video + 50 min of raw footage

  • Your video will be sent digitally on our online platform.

  • 1 Photographer for 8hrs coverage on wedding day with

  • +450 retouched high resolution digital images 

  • Online viewing gallery

  • Printed images as EXTRA, on demand.

Image by Mark de Jong


Call us now, we can completely customize your entire destination wedding.


What are our favorite destinations: France & Italy of course!...We'll give you all the tips and best options for your dream wedding...


We are citizens of the world & love to work all over!

A la Carte:

  • Extra Videographer for 4 hrs on site

  • Extra hour of videography per videographer 

  • Hourly fee for editing 

  • 1 Photographer on wedding day for 4 hrs of coverage 

  • 2 Photographers on wedding day for 8 hrs of coverage 

  • Drone Shots 

  • Save the Date / Engagement video

  • Extra Footage cleaned from rough cuts (full ceremony, first look, grand entrance, first dance, speeches... etc.) 

  • Engagement Photo session for 2 hrs on location 

  • Boudoir Photo session for 2 hrs on location 

  • Minister / Officiant for 20 min standard Ceremony

  • Minister / Officiant for 30 . min Custom Ceremony 

  • Gender Reveal with 2 hrs on site + 3 min highlights 

  • Hourly Wedding Planning Rate

D Side  

At time of contract signing, we require 50% of total package price as a non-refundable deposit. The deposit secures your date and protects all parties for event date. In the case of postponement, we will work to find a new date with no extra charge, according to our availability. Remaining balances are due one month before wedding date. Depending on your timeline a vendors meal could be required on your wedding day. Please feel free to email or call with questions 760-274-5249. 

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